The Eastman Lord House is the 1818 “Federal” home of William Kimball and Rhoda (Messer) Eastman. Mr. Eastman made his fortune through the establishment of several mills in Conway Village.
In 1879, George A. Heath bought the house. Mr. Heath with his first wife Elzabeth (Harriamn) and later his second wife, Lucinda (Meader) owned the house until 1900 when it was bought by Eben and Mary (Daniels) Lord.

In 1962, the Lord’s son, Robert Raymond (“Bowser”) gave the house to the Conway Historical Society. He lived on in the caretaker’s wing until 1967. The house was used as a residence for almost 150 years and by only three families.

Also ~

The Pantry ~ 1915
The Keeping Room ~ 1818
The Sleep Loft ~ 1830
The Birthing Room ~ 1849

…and many other nooks and crannies
filled with interesting artifacts, displays, tools, treasures and whatsists.

Conway Historical Society
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Conway, NH